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“Humanity In Distress” in Bangali and in English, it may be written and read as “HID” for the destitute in abbreviated form. Section and Sub-section of the constitution may be written and read, as the association shall not from the registration authority.

Background of the HID

This organization is created for the implementation of the programs undertaken for the socio-economic development, education, health, training of the neglected, distressed and poor people of the Bangladesh and for the participation of the social service oriented programs of the Government.

Our Vision

HID strive for a society freed from all forms of poverty, exploitation and disparity through a process that explores human, institutional and material capacities and potentials.

The vision of HID explains its commitment in response to the crying need in the development sector and accordingly the broader responsibilities to the nation as well.

HID firmly believes that poverty is the root of many evils that throws people into infidelity damaging in this world as well as hereafter.

Our Mission

Implementing development actions that facilities greater unity among poor; create easier access to economic (capital, technology, etc) and basic social services (s.a., Formal & Non-formal education,

Skill Development training, health, WATSAN, etc); help establishment of rights and responsibilities of the poor and finally earn abilities of managing their institutions by themselves.

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The office of the Organization is presently located at New Senpara, Rai Road, House # 81, Road # 01, Roy Road Senpara, Rangpur.
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